Indiana Learns is committed to being a key partner for schools as we work to help 4th and 5th grade Hoosiers struggling with math and reading. Schools can partner in a number of ways – ranging from applying to be a Learning Partner that offers tutoring to helping qualifying families maximize their grant!

Champion Schools

Schools with families that are actively using Indiana Learns accounts to strengthen their students’ skill level in math and reading are Champion Schools.

Champion Plus Schools

When a school commits to matching funds, funding per student doubles from $500 to $1,000. These are Champion Plus Schools!

Champion Plus Schools have all the characteristics of Champion Schools, PLUS they choose to match funds of $250 for eligible students. Indiana Learns will match the funds with an additional $250 for eligible students; totalling $1,000 per eligible student. These funds can be used on qualifying expenses.

Become a Champion Plus School: email

School Information Sessions

The Indiana Learns team will hold regular information sessions for school corporation leaders in order to share program updates and answer questions. Recordings of these sessions can be found below.

male teacher helping students