Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Champion Families

What is Indiana Learns?

Indiana Learns is a statewide grant program that provides qualifying families with $1,000 to spend on approved Mathematics and English/language arts high-dosage tutoring 

What is a Champion Family?

A Champion Family has one or more students that are eligible for the Indiana Learns grant program.

How does the program work?

All students who qualify for Indiana Learns will be able to use funds with approved providers. Once a family has registered, they can manage their grant and find approved learning partners through an online platform. 

Can I still enroll in Indiana Learns?

Friday, February 9, will be the final day for families/students to enroll in Indiana Learns in order to access grant funding for the current school year.

All students actively receiving grants will continue to have access to this funding even after the current enrollment period closes. Thank you for all of your support!

I have an active Indiana Learns account. How long does my student have to use the award?

Program funds are available until June 30, 2024.

How can I support my student outside of the classroom?

  • Check in regularly with your student’s teacher regarding their educational progress.
  • Ask about online tutoring programs your school may offer for free.
  • Visit your local library and ask about resources they may offer.
  • Read with your student every day.
  • Explore, a free online resource for students.

Where can I share my general program feedback or questions?

Families and Learning Partners are encouraged to provide feedback regarding the Indiana Learns program by emailing

Where does the grant come from?

The money for student grants comes from the Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE) allocation of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. This is federal aid given in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Where does the money go?

The grant can be accessed through the online portal. Families can view, but not directly manage, available funds. Learning Partners will be paid directly from this portal.  At no point will families receive money directly from Indiana Learns or any approved provider.   

What can the grant be used for?

Students may use awarded grant funding to receive virtual or in-person tutoring opportunities from an approved Learning Partner in Mathematics or English/language arts.

What is the Indiana Learns data use policy?

Indiana Learns adopted a strict data use policy and is aligned to FERPA expectations.  

How can I access the platform?

The Indiana Learns platform is available through our website and can be viewed on any electronic device with internet access.

Learning Partners

What is a Learning Partner?

A Learning Partner is a tutoring provider who is approved to provide services to Indiana Learns students.

Who do the Learning Partners bill for services rendered?

Learning Partners will bill Indiana Learns directly for provided services. Indiana Learns programming and reimbursement management will be overseen by The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based educational nonprofit. More information on The Mind Trust can be found here

Will IDOE provide any assessment materials to the Learning Partners?

Parents will share their student’s ILEARN results with tutors as part of the experience. Learning Partners will use the information to benchmark and measure impact based on assessment blueprints and Indiana Academic Standards to support individual areas of intended growth for students.

Who are the Learning Partners?

Learning Partner applications are reviewed monthly. A list of approved organizational Learning Partners can be found on our website. 

What is the criteria for the tutoring providers?

To become an approved Learning Partner, organizations must:

  • Provide services outside of tier 1 math and language arts instruction.
  • Serve Indiana Learns student population; these students:
    • Live in Indiana
    • Attend school in Indiana
    • Qualify for Free and/or Reduce price lunch
    • Scored below proficient in Math and English/Language Arts on the 2022 ILEARN as a 3rd or 4th grade student
  • Utilize highly qualified tutors as defined by the Indiana Department of Education to provide services.  The tutors will meet one of the following requirements:
    • Has two years of college experience
    • Has a two year college degree
    • Passed the parapro assessment (within the first year of employment)
    • One year or 1,000 hours of previous employment experience in a school or working with children
    • Passed annual school-level evaluations
    • Completed 48 credit hours of college level classes
    • Has Child Development Associate (CDA) credential
    • Completed LE required professional development modules/training
    • Completed Other requirements-LEAs may request approval from IDOE
  • Employ licensed or retired teachers as the service supervisor.  The supervisor will have the responsibility of supervising all non-licensed teachers at all times during which services are provided
  • Maintain 1:4 tutor/student ratio
  • Benchmark and communicate progress on a weekly basis
  • Conduct scheduling of student services and billing for services rendered within the Indiana Learns student portal
  • Deliver services on a reimbursement basis (the program will only pay for services rendered)
  • Provide a minimum dosage of tutoring of 60 minutes per week
  • Provide evidence of science of reading training for all reading tutors
  • Keep prices to no more than $100 per student/per session
  • Learning Partners must be established organizations, as demonstrated by a minimum of 2 years doing business and a staffing model that includes a minimum of 10 people. 

Only services covering math and reading will be approved for scheduling through Indiana Learns.

Can I apply to be a Learning Partner?

At this time, Indiana Learns has currently paused on accepting new Learning Partner applications. Thank you for your interest!

Champion Schools

What is a Champion School?

Champion Schools are those with families that are actively using Indiana Learns to strengthen their students’ proficiency in Mathematics and English/Language Arts. Champion Schools can work with eligible student families to promote the use of funds. Champion Schools also help share information about Indiana Learns with their eligible families.

Will the state be responsible for criminal background checks on individuals who will be doing the tutoring? 

Approved Learning Partners will conduct criminal history checks for all tutors.  

Can teachers serve as individual tutors with the program?

Educators who meet the Learning Partner requirements must work with an approved Learning Partner to provide tutoring services through this program. As the program progresses, Indiana Learns seeks to connect qualified tutors with established organizations to provide support, offer resources, and conduct background checks. Indiana Learns currently partners with College Tutors of Indiana to place individuals seeking to serve as tutors.  Individuals will meet the screening and hiring requirements of College of Tutors of Indiana. Information about College Tutors of Indiana can be found here.

What role should school corporations play in motivating families to take advantage of this opportunity?

Corporations and schools are invited to encourage participation of eligible families. Indiana Learns encourages schools to provide families with information regarding the program and benefits to eligible students. 

Can a school leverage the funds to support existing out-of-school learning opportunities?

Yes, as an approved Learning Partner, a school can leverage the funds to support existing out-of-school learning opportunities.

How can schools find out if a student is using the grant?

The Indiana Learns team will provide corporation and building level updates on the number of students who have enrolled into the program. Corporation leaders can also request access to the Indiana Learns portal. This access allows corporation leaders to monitor student engagement with the program.

What other support will Indiana Learns offer schools?

In addition to providing informational materials, Indiana Learns team members are available to provide on-site support to families and school personnel upon request.

Champion Plus Schools

What is a Champion Plus School? 

Champion Plus Schools are providing tutoring directly to their eligible students.

Champion Plus Schools have all the characteristics of Champion Schools, PLUS they have been approved to provide tutoring as Learning Partners. Corporations and school buildings can apply.