Has your 4th or 5th grader fallen behind in math and reading? Indiana Learns provides a unique way for you to help them catch up and strengthen their confidence in the classroom.


ILEARN shows that Hoosier students need support to continue improving reading and math skills. All qualifying students will be able to access up to $1,000 in funds to use for approved math and reading support outside of school hours.

Funds can be used for tutoring, academic programs held outside of the school day, and for other costs related to building math and reading skills. High-dosage tutoring has been shown to move student learning forward.

If your student qualifies for Indiana Learns, you:

  • Will be able to access at least $500 to spend on qualifying expenses  
    • May have access to $1,000 total if your child’s school opts-in to matching program funds
  • Will select  an approved learning provider that works for your child’s needs and schedule 
  • Will manage your student’s grant when it’s convenient for you using Indiana Learns’ online portal
student writing on paper